searching the extrodinary in something ordinary

Sunday, September 04, 2005

So this is my new project. Moving into a new place and having a new direction in my writing( i hope), having a hand at designing my own blogskin one day hopefully ( when i stop proscrastinating and actually finish my "actual" work so that i can do something meaningful). So this place is called d-finingmin because i am min, and i hope to be able to define who am I through this little space here.

Ha ha ha someone is going to kill me though, because i kind of stole this name from his current msn nick. But i do think it does strike a point. I believe that as we grow and change there will be stages in your life where you just need to slow down and re-define yourself and ask yourself who you really are now. I feel it is important to stop and ask yourself if a change is needed because as we go about our everyday lifes in a clockwork mode, we sometimes fail to realize how everything around you have changed except you. The other case might be that you need to stop yourself and ask what have you changed into and evaluate if those changes are good or bad. Either way, i feel that one thing should still hold true. That is always have core values or principles that you should hold on to. And no, those are not to imprison you, as one of my friends might have asked, but to guide you through life. So its time for me to do this evaluation.

But all in all i guess i am a pretty ordinary girl living an ordinary life to the extent of being pretty boring. So i shall be searching for something extrodinary in my ultimately ordinary life.


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