searching the extrodinary in something ordinary

Monday, September 05, 2005

Hmmm i haven't revealed this place to any of my circle of friends yet. But i hope to do this soon. Not sure when but soon. This feels like a launching of a new concept stall or something, or maybe a moving-in of a new apartment. Well either way, if this was my new apartment i would feel absolutely comfortable here. I like the colour and all. Might put in some pictures in the near future i guess, when i get around taking and uploading it.

I really wonder if having my own apartment will ever happen. I like the novelty of living in an apartment but i am not too sure if that is really something practical on the long run. Owning a land property should be a better investment i guess. But looking at my current lifestyle now i can't really see that happening in the near future. It is really wierd though how there are such a huge level of difference among the lifestyle of people that are around my age. Taking me for an example, I am not sure how average my lifestyle is, but i guess a fair amount of 21 year olds still lives like me. I think i am classified as the type that is still totally dependant on my parents for everything including transportation. And i do it just because i can. I mean, my uni is just a few kilometers from home. Most of the time i am either in uni or at home. Food is prepared, no questions asked. All in all i feel pretty domesticated. At this point i don't even feel like i am 21. Legally an adult ? What does that mean. I don't even have any obligations. I feel that i need to really break away from this kind of environment but its just a vicious cycle for me. I always set out to change and do something about it but in the end nothing is ever achieved. So what gives?

On the other end of the scale however are those that by 18 or even 17 are succesful by their own rights. They know what they want and are already setting out to do it. Those that are totally independant of their parents and are even contributing to daddy and mummy's monthly expenses. And because of this, they are no longer under their parent's restrictions because they have to,but because they choose to. I think being independant in fact helps them built a better relationship with their parents as when you see the world on a wider scale and gain different experiences, the way that you think will also become different. And perhaps that helps them understand and be able to forgive their parent's imperfections easier.

Well i am still working on my independance but seem to always gets to comfortable with my current conditions to move. So here is another push at getting unstuck. I wonder how many pushes i need.