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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Since i still have the time, i might as well write something in here while i can. Don't have much comments about my life though except for , maybe i am about 80% recovered from my problems i bloged about the previous entry. Life goes on, I just needed more time than i thought to recover.

Anyway, not to say that i want to jump onto the bandwagon but i just wanted to put my thoughts into words on what has been currently transpiring in the so called "blogsphere" lately. I think this one really started everyone talking or rather blogging. But I think it has been blown out of proportions. So what is this thing i am talking about? None other than the infamous xiaxue post on her trip to KL. She sure manage to bring out the malaysian in quite a number of people. And its pretty sad really to take a singaporean to do that. Maybe its just the people that i know, but most of them would remark " Its Malaysia ma" when things that dont make sense and should never have happened anywhere else happens. I know there are still a rather big number of people out there who are genuinely patriotic, but patriotism doesn't mean being blind. I really wonder if these people that are attacking miss xiaxue are really being patriotic or just plain indignant about the fact that she has the power to diss something which we just can't do anything about anyway. To be defensive is one thing, but to go to the extent of launching personal attacks and resorting to name calling is something else. For me as a malaysian, i get defensive too when non-malaysians and even malaysians writes off anything that is locally produced (e.g television programmes, music etc). And the last time i visited singapore, the general idea i get is that most singaporeans i met don't really have a very good impression of malaysia. To a certain extent i can see where they are coming from because their environment is actually more "sanitized" than us. But guess who had the last laugh. When your views are only limited to that small little window, its like what they would call, katak di bawah tempurung / jing di ze wa/ like a frog sitting in a well ?( forgot the english version). Me and Rae was just giving each other that knowing look trying really hard to surpress our laughter everytime we heard someone tell us how "dangerous" Malaysia was. So why not be the bigger person and just try to educate her instead without the need to resort to belittling her.

As for xiaxue, it is a real pity that she has allowed all this to get to her. Like they say, " with power comes responsibility" ( saw this from shaolintiger's blog) but its true anyway. And being famous has a price to pay. So anyone who wants to make something out of being known by almost everyone should just accept the fact that you can never please everyone. Its bad enough just being an ordinary human with limited circle of aquaintences and still being able to find a number of haters there, what more when it is multiplied manyfolds. But at least you are making money out of being hated and loved. So, its ok to take a short haitus to find yourself and come back stronger (Coz afterall you are only human), perhaps even wittier but i don't think its alright to change your blog title just because of this incident. I might not always agree with the things that you have to say or do but props at least for being an individual.


At 3:19 AM, Anonymous Rae said...

Actually, I'm quite half half on this. I believe what she wrote, but I think she should have been more open minded about it.

Come on lar, if you are that educated, you would know that posting something like that would only lead to DRAMA and TROUBLE.

I feel that she was just venting. If she was just a regular nobody blogger, who would give a hoot right?

But then for her to not blog, would mean that she has to stifle her freedom of speech just because people likes to read.

So all in all, I believe that immature people should blog or blog read. Cause they just CAN'T take honest opinions.

That was refering to some people I know, which I think I've told you about already. Hee

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