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Saturday, March 08, 2008

You know what, i haven't blogged for so long that i even forgot what my site is called any longer. Sigh, things haven't change i am still distracted by other things even as i am not in Uni anymore. I guess i have just been making excuses all along. Though yes i am evidently less tied up than in Uni when every hr is dedicated to finishing assignments and projects that is when i am not slacking off. Anyways then again i have been missing internet connection since 2 mth ago. And damn does one month feels like one week. Although because of the lack of internet connection that felt like one yr. Not sure if u get what i meant. Anyways been trying to catch up with all the youtubing i have been missing. Its like if i dedicate my whole life to watching youtube i will still not finish it.

And then there is all the dance competitions that US have been coming up with in reality tv. And dance has nv left my bone even as i haven't had a chance to in a while. Gonna look into taking up mayba a hip hop or salsa class soon though i wish i could do both. But i also want to do yoga so i have to pick 2 fr 3. I know i need some exercise going even as i am fearing i have alr grown sideways some what. So anyways back to the dance reality tv thing. Its like my heaven, as of now that i know of there is approximately 4 if not more dance reality tv shows. And this is a snippet from it.

Gosh from all the dancing days while watching korean mtv this has gotta be something which says koreans are some bad ass dancers. I dont think all of them are koreans but imagine entering as an asian team and battling out with those other US teams which are obviously more known for their mtv hip hop break dance moves. Wow, amazing. Inspiring.


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