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Friday, December 07, 2007

The weekends has arrived. Yayness!!!! and i can dont sleep early ha ha ha. And what i do? ha ha ha watch stuffs like this:

beside the knut cute videos.

Anyways 5 days of public transport has given me total randomness of experience. And the week ended with the mother of all public transport frustration. total off schedule and mad crowds which saw it spilling out to the entrance of the klcc lrt. And the monorail was not any better with sardines even being less packed in their tins.

Now what is so wrong with malaysia that they can't both get their public transport as well as their jam free roads right. Simple solution to both problems would be for an efficient system with no delays and break downs. Or at least not on a weekly basis. When you have a good public transport system ppl will naturally op for public transport which clears the road off some amount of cars which would then lessen the jam. And the ppl taking these systems should really learn to line up and not shove and push and expect ppl to squeeze into the smallest cranny just so they are one space nearer to getting the next cab. Somehow these educated ppl who work in high rise buildings are no different than the non-civilized ppl out there. Perhaps even ruder. Worst still is when the place isn't even crowded and they push and shove to get in even as they are sure to get a space. What is so hard about lining up and waiting for your turn i don't understand. Sigh..... I hope i will survive the madness of public transportation .


At 1:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

best way to get to kl is via bus, or bus till asia jaya then change to matter wat. ktm cannot rely at all wan...travelling to kl is ok if u get up really early...630-7am bus will reach to kl bout 830am @ kotaraya...monday must leave abit earlier wan, else 100% late wan... best way is: to drive actually, till taman jaya/universiti, part there, take lrt or drive sraight to city itself... parking $ is another story la, hehe...


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