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Monday, August 27, 2007

The countdown begins. 12 days before i officially launch my lazy ass to seriously look for a real job. It has finally sink in that my travel plans are history and i have now redirected my heart into a correct general direction of looking for a serious job. I still dont really have a very good idea what kind of position i would like to go for. And talking to seng kiat hasnt done much to boost my confidence. I just hope it doesnt take me 6 months to look for a job touch wood. Even as i am a believer that good things comes in due time i dont think i want to find out what 6 mths will do my confidence and i am not getting any younger. I think i am slightly dying to start on my career and see how far i can go. And at the same time once i start my career, it also means i can start pursuing my future plans which involves my other loves.

Now back to looking for the current job, I wonder how high the odds are stacked against me. I guess i would only find out when i go for my very first interview. Provided i get called for one (ok i am over exaggerating) . That and i wonder if i should employ the help of job agencies. After all the magazines says that this is one way of getting your resumes on the HR tables as oppose to DIY mailing applications. But somehow i dont seem to have too great an impression of job agencies i don't know why. But working in the admin side for that few weeks did give me some insight to how job agencies does play a part in getting your resumes seen. Only problem is whether it is the company that you desire. The whole mechanics of employment seeking can be considered quite an art really.

Maybe it sounds like i am worrying too much. So perhaps i should employ both nike's and adidas' Just do it and Impossible is nothing phrase because deep down under all those uncertainties is what i feel.


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