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Saturday, June 16, 2007

You know what! its been 2 weeks since week 13 of my *fingers crossed* very final semester. I know i have been whining unrelentingly about how i can't wait for all this to end. The feeling hasn't really changed for the moment. I kinda felt like i got my life back from what engineering stole from me ha ha ha. Which probably puts me in a stupid light. But on the other hand I don't quite regret doing it. Just wish that at the same time there was several of me doing other stuffs maybe. I think i just regret that i am not that over achiever that can do 1001 things at the same time. I don't think anyone can be as complicated of a person as me. But at the same time I acknowledge that i am not realistic enough. Well anyways school is almost over, one m0re paper to go and then i will be in Oon-Ee's words 'bumming" my way around for 4 mths plus before heading over to Aus to do some traveling and then start looking for my permenant job. Sounds like a plan? I hope so!


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