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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Counting down till dooms day aka due dates and exams. To most this is the final defining moments everything has to fall into place and then after that its 'freedom'. Does it feel as final as that? What is life after a degree? For most its plunge straight into work or take a nice break and then plunge into work. Others probably hasnt have enough of studying and plan to continue with the whole acedemic thing for another 2 - 4 more yrs. Another chapter of life completed? How does one knows what to do with themselve when they come to the end of the paved path. But then again, naturally its to find a job usually related to area of study. That is what everyone does and probably makes much sense seeing as to paying so much for the degree and slogging away for 4 yrs. But i think i am more happy to think that we should go where life takes us. I know somtimes opportunities are made, and i also wish i belong to that school of thought but mostly i am clueless. I am not really that big on planning and strategies although i wish i was. I admire those that are able to plan and execute their dreams effortlessly or rather full of effort but then advancing surely in each step. But i distract easily, i loose the plot easily and mostly things seemed too abstract for me to see a solid outcome or route. If i had a chance to learn the ways of the stratergist and the planners I think i will go through grueling bootcamp to and hopefully i dont loose the plot.

But events in my life to me just somehow happens to fall into place, maybe due to the overtly optimist in me or maybe i am just in denial i see things as falling into place. I am able to see a good in a bad situation in someways although it does brings some disadvantages. I don't know how long i can go on waiting for things to fall into place though because it just seems so take what you get. Where do i want to be when I am 30? I really don't know what realistic answer to give to that. What am I capable to achieve? Maybe that is why I let things fall into place. I don't know what i am capable in achieving. So where do all of you want to be when you are 30? What do you think you are capable of achieving?


At 6:53 PM, Blogger Rae said...

Hahaha. It's not all as cracked up as you think. I don't feel any difference but maybe because all my friends are still uni-KIDS :P

And don't think so much. Things will just err, happen.

Btw, did I tell you that someone thought I was getting married. That's why I've dropped off the face of the earth. OMG MARRIED!

Ask me again in 3-5 years time. Haha.

At 12:01 PM, Blogger min said...

Yeah well that was what i was talking about. Things just happening. Coz it has always been that way. I want to know how it feels to know what i want to achieve and then taking it into my hands. And by that i mean something significant like opening a business or climbing up the career ladder.

And who thought u got married? Ah well 3 - 5 yrs is a very short time.


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