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Monday, June 26, 2006

Am i glad i caught portugal vs nederlands game or what. Rather amusing game and the most exciting one so far in terms of ruckus during games probably. so many yellow cards and 4 red cards leaving the game to a 9 on 9 one. Its just absolutely crazy. And a few fights threaten to breakout. most ridiculous one being luis figo head butting a nederlands player. I was so shocked when i saw it. And he was lucky to get away with only a yellow card. But nost endearing scene was when a portugal player and 2 nederlands player red carded sat together somewhere off field, but basically coz they are team mates in some club or other so alls well i guess. And poor christiano ronaldo was ousted so early in the game coz of an injury from a challenge that it was a pity not to see how well he would have played. Admittedly i havent watch a portugal match yet and i forgot christiano was playing. But hopefully the next match wis injury would have healed. But by then i wonder who to root for england or portugal.

On another note, i went and watched fast and furious tokyo drift with flashy cars and hot girls. But the story line is mind numbingly bimbotic and lacking, which i guess serves mainly to parade flashy cars and hot girls. The camera works weren't as great as initial D for the drifts either. But i guess the cars make up for it. Although the drifting in the car park was pretty neat. Acting was bad mostly. Only a number of ppl seemed to manage, namely the Han character and maybe D.K. The rest just seem very fake. Oh well i guess thats usually the case with this kinda shows anyways.


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