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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What have i done. I have just spent my carefully allocated budget and even exceeded that on my very long craved marinara white saucce and the unexpected shared ceasar bacon salad and a glass of lemon tea. I was rm10 over budget. What is rm 10 you say. Well given the tight budgetting with very little space for error. Oh well. But i got my marinara anyways. One of the many yet to satisfied cravings. But i do find this absurded in a way that i will nv be able to satisfy all the cravings ever ever. coz by the time i am half way through i will be craving for the first thing that i crave for not to mention new stuffs on the list. This is mad i tell you. And not to mention if i were able to do so that i will probably be as big as an elephant. So anyways no pics from that lunch. But it was a plate of goodness. only lacking in the nice clams they used to put. But in place of that i had 3 pig prawns oo la la. And 2 mussels. calamari rings and some fish. Damn it thinking about makes me wanna eat it again besides the fact that it gets muaking. And now i haven't been eating sushi or japanese food in a while. I feel like having udon or ramen or dons. But that has got to wait for some other day. Anyways, still have more of those darn work that has been keeping me busy to do. So thats all for now


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