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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Yesterday was *drum rolls* surprise! surpirse! val's day. And guess what i gotta do :P. Celebrate it with a big bunch of guys. Only thing being, they are my course mate and we were sending off two fellas to aus. But ah well, no biggie. I hate cliches anyways. So val's day is just another cliche. If i had a special someone to celebrate it with then fine with me. Else what's the lost. I know there are ppl who bemoans this day just because they don't have anyone to celebrate it. And then they get all depressed. And then there are those that make it a love everyone besides your bf/gf day as well. I was buying into that for a while until i started thinking, " hey isn't st valentine's day about this priest guy marrying couples". Ah well, to everyone their interpretations. But besides the whole farewell thing, i actually unexpectedly got to meet up with a bunch of old high school friends. It has been some time since i met any of them. And if not for Oon-Ee i probably wouldn't have since he was the one that "told" me i was going to go with him to ee-wah's farewell party right before we were suppose to go. ha ha ha. It was really great and interesting to have been able to meet up with them :). And had some nice laughs too ha ha ha. We should really organize a bigger get together ;). But then again i guess it wouldn't be the same coz smaller group makes for closer and cozier gathering while bigger groups just seem a little less personal. Anyways, since i was messing with nail polish again, i decided to try out the patterns in the nail art book michelle gave me. So i chose a heart theme just coz val's day was near how ever hypocritical this sounds.


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