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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yesterday was a girls night out again. Looks like the "sisters" have finally gotten back on track. I guess these are the kind of friends which you know, no matter what is here to stay. There are friends which will drift apart after not meeting up for a long time, and once they meet again just becomes awkward and stays awkward, while some do warm up again and there are those that no matter how long being apart will just pick up where they left. At the begining i actually thought everyone would have just drifted apart after hardly being able to find time to meet up, making me feel as if some are just being plain unaccomodating some times and not making the effort. But i guess it was really hard to find time before this. And now saturday nights are open for any organized meet up.

You know how you read in the magazine that u have different groups of friends to cater to your many different aspect of needs in life. The first time i read that, i was slightly indignant, feeling as if i have just been put into such a one dimensional role. But i guess the truth is, this is kinda true in some ways. But then again there are friends which do really fit in to most aspects of your lifes so i guess it all depends. But at the moment, i guess i have categoric friends, and i think it is actually good for the pocket, because i can't imagine having every group of friends which are into doing the same thing i.e. trying out different cuisine or clubbing etc, etc. Because it is pricey, and if every week one group decides to eat above average restaurants, i probably wont be able to keep up and along the way stop hanging out with either one group. Not to mention how boring my life will be.

So anyways for now this is the bunch i will call on when i feel like trying some exotic stuffs not that we dont go to mamak for the rest of the time la. That or they will be the one that suggest it. The last time was spanish. This time is something of switzerland origin which is fondue. You can read all aboutit here.I wanted to try that for a long time but never knew where. So when Alli suggested fondue, i was pretty much excited. This place was in hartamas located in one of the quiter corner near clun cassablanca i think away from the main busier area. If i am not wrong the shop name is The Fondue Place. The ambience was a little different than i had imagine, but it is a fun place for family meals as well. And in fact it is a very well recieved place as when we reached, the place was almost filled to the brim, only having a table in the smoking area available. But the shop wasn't really big but not small either so.... The crowd is pretty varied as there are families as well as younger crowds. Later on we managed to move in to the none smoking area as none of us smokes anyway. The menu is 90% fondue but they offer some western dishes as well. But i think ppl that go there and order something else are just idiots. The pricing is not too bad for a set for 3 - 4 ppl sharing, which comes down to about 10 ++ per person. But for the type of food offered i think it is just so so. They had stuffs like bread, biscuit, some vege, then prawns, chicken & fish fillets, crab stick and a basket of fries. But the main deal is of course the cheese. There is a number of cheese mixture which we could choose from. The one we took was bacon cheese. honestly i didnt think the seafood which was deep fried was quite suitable for fondue. It would have been just right if it was just chicken and vege plus bread. Plus the cheese wasn't reall sufficient for the amount of food they have.

the cheese pot

what the entire set looks like

later, we decided to give th chocolate fondue a go as well. This comes with a choice as well, and we took the whickey chocolate fondue which comes with a shot of whiskey. We had a choice to add how much whiskey we like but what is the point of keeping some anyway, since we wont drink it. So in everything went. And we got the mixed platter with cakes and apples and mango and star fruit and the best were of course banana and strawberry but not to forget grapes. That one was also so so for the pricing but the chocolate was absolutely yummy. But pity that there was so much left over and nothing much can be done about it. What a waste of good chocolate not to mention whiskey. We took lots of pictures too ;). Anyways the whole meal with drinks came down to rm 23 ish per person.

the whiskey pouring process

since the group photo cannot make it. The role call of the night is as below

jenni + daphi + me

me + linlin+ alli


At 10:49 PM, Blogger lainegal said...

i wan to go! i wan to go too! been longing for it for a LONG LONG time...;) hehe...

At 8:40 AM, Blogger min said...

when you come back we go k ;)

At 6:04 PM, Blogger McAllie said...


hilarious :P

ages ages agooo


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