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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Counting now, i realize that it was almost three years back that i was working in coffee bean. That was right before i started my 1st year. Seems like such a long time ago putting it that way. But going by memory it just doesnt feel that long.
Ever since i worked there, I think i could count with my fingers how many times i went back. At first it was partly because of how sick i was of that place after being there almost every other day for 3 months. Then it was mostly because i couldn't really afford it. I did not visit any other coffee bean outlets more than my finger can count either. But i do like their coffee alot
So last week i went back there to get myself an ice blended which i had a voucher for from the cleo birthday bash goodie bag. You can't imagine how happy i was to see that peice of paper. I like normal coffee but good coffee is just a little more different. But they are expensive so i stick to my kopi bings and nescafe 3 in 1. So i think you can imagine the heaven it was working there in this point of view. But..... there is always a but, more on that later. So i since i went shopping alone, i decided to get my ice blended around the time i was to leave. Hmm well walking in there was like, " hey i used to be the one behind the counter". And " hey, i wonder how the kitchen looks like now". Then i realized i kinda missed working there abit. Not that the days there weren't shitty. But life is about taking all the shits and turning it into experiences i guess. I know everytime someone mentions working there again, i shiver at the thought. And the night shifts is really hell. You have to clean up the whole place, put the tables and chair in the shop (a lot of arm exercise there), wash everything up including the drain, bring in all the cakes and the list goes on. And they dont pay you for the hour that u take to do that because they think we are superhumans. But the esperience really depends on who is ur manager. I had mostly 3/4 of the time or more worked with shitty to slightly shitty managers of the day. But the main manager is the absolute heaven to work with. Unfortunately i don't see her often enough.
But all in all, i guess working is a good experience. Teaches us to treat ppl better, I think everyone should really get this kinda a job. Especially spoilt brats that think the world revolves around them.


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