searching the extrodinary in something ordinary

Monday, December 12, 2005

Sigh, sigh , sigh. Am watching innocent steps, a korean movie for th 2nd time. This time with subtitlescoz the 1st time i didnt know i was suppose to turn it on. I know there will be many cringing. I know how some of u feel about korean movies. Most of them that are teeny booperish love comedy are running on so old a plot you could almost narrate the whole show urself.

But rest assured this is no typical goofy love hate affair where guy hates girl/girl hates guy and then wham bam thank you and the next moment they discover miraculously that they do love each other. Innocent step makes much more sense then that. In fact there isnt really a wham bam thank you kinda love affair but one that is actually slightly gut ranching and sense making. But above all else, what can really make me fall in love with a show more than anything is the dance scenes. It is just absolutely breath taking. And the song that they use for the dance is also absolutely touching.

Not withstanding this show, it has been a long time that i wanted to take up latin dancing. Especially rhumba and salsa. I really like how emotional the dance is. Especially rhumba which is suppose to be the dance of love. So my future husband better not have two left foot or that will be very sad. Now i have one more detail to add to my wedding besides wanting to play T's song which i forgot the title, i want to dance rhumba with my husband during the wedding reception as our 1st dance. Omg i can't believe i am actually planning my wedding alr. Looks like this kinda stuff can't escape even me of all person. Sigh ......

At the mean time i need to decide if i want to continue with hip hop or move on to latin. But both also means having to come up with money which i have limited of.