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Monday, December 05, 2005

I'm in the office typing this out. Ironically when i complained about not being able to blog when i am in the office it is proven wrong.. the only problem is the comp is freaing slow and more importantly i need to watch my back to make sure no big shots are around since we are only suppose to use the comp for work purpose.

So what should i blog about 2day. Unfortunately i don't have anything light in mind. And i don't feel like blogging about some dark heavy stuffs which i have plenty to since it is alr a dark gloomy morning. And my shoes and socks are all wet from the walking to office. Sigh.....

Anyway i think i didn't maanage to blog about this yesterday, but i manage to score 3 books for around rm 17 plus. Is that a bargain or what. But i know Oon-Ee will digress since 17 not spent is 17 saved as he puts it. But since i am not one to be able to afford books on normal days but always felt like getting some this is really nice. The only problem? It isn't exactly what i long to buy on normal days either. These 3 books are fictions. But one is on a wine making family so i am banking on learning something there another one is i think about a guy who is trying to get ppl to see what a fake life they were living or something, but alas he fell into the trap as well. And the last is a three romance novel in a book kinda thing which i picked up last minute since i saw it at the counter and it cost rm 5. Which i was looking for one cheap one but couldn't find till then. There was a book which i had wanted to get for sometime although i doubt these 2 books were fr the same author. The first one i saw at Times book store and was entitled The dragon lady. The one saw yesterday was the last emperess. The 1st one cost rm 70 which is really alot. And the 2nd one I wasn't sure. That was because it was stated the price as nett rm 43 but i thought it was after discount since there was another book, both hardback mind u, that went for 19.90 with a 70% discount. So i expected it to be after discount. Turns out the 19.90 book only cost rm 6 ish and that means the last emperess book should have cost rm 21 plus. Not dirt cheap but for such a book i would say worth it since it is a non-fiction.

oh well. I guess i will have to get that at normal price once i can afford it and have the time to read it.

Hmmm for some one who dont know what to say when started i sure always manage to yak my way through. Alright thats all for now pictures for la bodega will be up soon