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Sunday, November 13, 2005

alright 15 mins before dinner. Shall write another post. There is actually alot of things i want to say. Its just that i am very lazy to form readable sentences. Anyway, i manage to drag my mom to Pyramid yesterday to do some shopping since she promised to bring me after ffking me on monday. But sigh.... a bit the can't bring my heart to spend too much of her money also la. Times aren't great still. So everytime i see something i make mental note to get it when i have the cash. The only prob is that not like i have a lot of money also la. Hoping to get side jpbs besides this training one.

So anyway, was suppose to get work pants and top. But those that i absolutely adore cost at least rm 70 and above. I know mom will pay for it if i want. But seriously this isnt the time to pay so much for just a top. Then there were those that were 20 - 30 +, but the cutting just doesnt suit me. So no point getting something that doesnt suit even if it is cheap. Was also looking for a bag not unlike Rae's mambo bag size. Only i found 1 but its not very practical because it is made of suede material and so spoils easily. Then i saw one inVincci which cost 70. Really nice soft leather. Even comparatively it is actually pretty cheap a price for that type of size and material bag. But still need to think think lo. I really adore it. Its so soft :P. Then i saw another one in esprit and that one was the soft leather type kind too. But no need to think la thios one. 500 wei. But expected la. Later we went to see the stall down stairs which sells cheaper bags and found one which is alright and only rm 40. But its kinda on the harder side and not exactly what i am looking for. The bag isnt that urgent just a change of style la so i will see how it goes. But i can imagine Rae's eyes alr ha ha ha. From some one who hates carrying bag suddenly wanna get big bag :P. Things change la.

Was suppose to get a pair of shoes as well. Coz now i am wearing my mom's pair. But can't find anything we at least agree on since we are sharing shoes now.

So finally the loot was only one top from padini for 25. Which i really adore. At least now i have a plain top which looks chic enough to wear to office or to go out. And one lip gloss which i wanted to get for so long. Hair barrets and eye shadow applicator.

Dragged my mom to kim gary to try out the food there as well. But she says she still thinks this other hong kong style restaurant serves much nicer yin yong and french toast.
Mom is getting cuter by the day ha ha ha ;)


At 8:21 PM, Blogger Rae said...

I must be important since I'm mentioned so many times. :P

Ok, I'm not going to nag. But if you want something, even if it's pricier, get it, if you really really really like and you really really need it.

In this case, DON'T GET THE BAG. Wait for my Mom's return from her trip her and be pleasantly surprised. Now that I've dropped the hint bomb, it's your turn to give me feedback (note: ebay is a nice place for reference, let me know at least the shape, size and color.. or better yet, let me know what bag.)

Oops, was I being too straightforward :P


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