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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The finals was over almost a week ago, but i have been procratinating as usual to update the blog. I have tons of things that i thought of writing but have just been wasting my time away doing anything but blogging ;). Not that blogging is the ultimate must do thing.

Anyway has been a pretty short 6 days of holidays and tomorrow is " the big day" as Dennis puts it. I am not too sure if i am mentally ready for this yet, but oh well *dives head in*
Found out that i am in the R&D department under a certain Calvin Lo. Was told he is quite and alright guy to work with.

So because i am working in this company, i have to open a new bank account in BSN because this is bank that this company uses. Now in total i have 4 bank accounts. A bit the redundant right. Oh well 2 is for official purpose so there isnt much i can do about it anyway. But seriously if i ever have a choice i will NEVER EVER choose to use these 2 banks. There might be one or 2 more i might not want to try as well but i can't think of them at the moment. And how do i evaluate this? By the ppl running it. I wouldn't elaborate since you know what happened to a few bloggers in s'pore alr. But if this is a well known fact then you will understand without my need to elaborate. At one bank, i took more than one hour to open a bloody bank account. And that does not include the wait in line( although the wait wasn't that bad). This time around luckily it didnt take 1 hour but the wait was excrutiatingly slow. But not as bad as when i needed to collect my atm card. Can someone tell this bank that they need to come to the yr 2005. Even the "1 hr wait to open accont bank" didnt need me to get the atm card the next week. I don't understand why they can't issue the card on the day itself if the rest of the bank are already doing that. In any case, this makes getting the atm card so much more important. Because imagine having to go through the hassle everytime i need some money.

Its pretty unbelievable really to be present at that moment yesterday. If it isnt bad enough that they move at the rate of a sloth. They type with one finger each hand btw. And they take their time in between each costumer. They have four counters and even with 3 in operation when i stepped in and it was going pretty slow. Imagine the horrors when i discover that suddenly only one counter was open. I understand its lunch. But at least clear some customers first before hopping of to gleefully have lunch. And the place was actually pretty full. So with one counter open, imagine the rate things are moving. Its an absolute stand still. I think that person operating the one and only counter must have felt disatisfaction at being left to work alone and thus slowed thing down even more so that when the rest came back they can pick up where they left.

So imagine this, from my perspective the bank turned instantly into a cinema where everyone was sitting there starring at a none existant screen. no one was moving for at least 5 - 10 minutes. The best part is still to come. When it was my turn, i was told that my atm card is not done yet. Great. So i waited 1 hr for nothing. Oh well i guess i am partly to blame. I should have called to ask if my card was done. I have too much faith in ppl. I actually still think that they can be efficient. cest la vie.


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