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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Was bumming around in the lab today when as a bunch of my coursemate decided to leave for lunch. So as they were preparing to leave and me to wander off somewhere so that the lab can be locked, micheal, one of my coursemate who is a regular in the Sunway-Monash CF asked me if i blogged. So i said ya and asked him why, to a reply that went along the line " Oh Oon-Ee told me you blogged about the CF event last thursday". That was the previous blog. I think at that instant my brain sorta went like this :

" Blog ? CF ? ayacerumba !!!!! what did i write in that post again. Oh no, hope i didnt post anything offensive. Think think think. Hmmm but knowing me, i don't think so also kua. ..... But... but.... but..maybe you acciddentally made fun of something leh :P"

Ya, indeed religion is a pretty touchy subject to alot of people( not that i am pointing my finger at any particular person la). Thus a lot of thinking has to be done before talking when this subject is bridged. Coincidentally, last night this subject poped up in a conversation with me and someone( you know who you are :P. Don't angry ya. Since i am on this topic only post about it lo) Some statement was made by this friend of mine which at that moment i felt was a pretty sweeping statement. I forgot what exactly the statement was, therefore i will not try to ill-represent it. But it was something about other religions, to which i asked him, by how did he came to such conclusion. After saying something else, which i don't remember what. (OK i think there are really too many holes in this story :P. But sorry ,thats how my memory is like. Full of holes :P)He asked , what relationship do other religions have with their God, if any at all. Well i guess he can't be blamed really for perhaps thinking that in this case all buddhist (since i am one) do is light joss sticks and pray and idolize ( not his exact words la). Because, really that might be the general picture that is being seen by others as well. But i am no expert in this either la. But the relationship is actually more than that. But like any other religions, there are people who misrepresent their religion ( maybe misrepresent is a little strong a word) thus causing others to see a different picture as well.

Being in malaysia, everyone is still fairly tolerant of every other people's different religions and this is something to be grateful about. But i think getting a better knowledge of other religions could in fact help us have a more open mind and be less judgemental. And to think of it, I think props must be given to malaysian government for incorperating in the history syllabuls, facts on the three or was it four major religions in malaysia. But those are indeed pretty on the surface but nonetheless educational.

This is my opinion and my opinion alone, therefore i apologise first if i happen to offend anyone, but i think that coming to be knowledgable about other religions does not necessarily means your faith in your religion lessens but infact i feel it should reconfirm your faith in your own religion.

Anyway i have no idea if what i have been typing here makes any sense to anyone, but in no way is this meant to offend anyone. But if i did, do leave a message and air your views.

edited : i was reading an article here when i came across this which i found suitable for this


"One should not honour only one’s religion and condemn the religion of others, but one should honour others’ religion for this or that reason. In so doing, one helps one’s own religion to grow and renders service to the religions of others too. In acting otherwise, one digs the grave of one’s own religion and also does harm to other religions."


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