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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Was too tired to blog yesterday since i have been horribly exhausted for the entire week. Always say want to come home and crash and sleep and always also never managed to. Yesterday i wasn't even home till 9 pm. Was invited by Oon-Ee and another coursemate to check out something the Sunway Monash CF was organizing so i went. At the begining i was a tad reluctant to go coz i was just being lazy. Think above mentioned exhuastion and need of sleep. But since i was probably going to be in the lab till late i thought i might as well join in. Its been donkey years since i joined a CF meeting but i always loved the songs they sing. Pretty interesting sketch they had too, depicting a few verses that is in the bible i think. Not too sure about that since i am not a christian. The whole sketch was kinda like this:

A guy goes to the barber for a hair cut. And you know when u go for hair cut and nothing to do the barber usually just starts whatever convo he can with you. So this barber was like " you know what, I dont think god exist".( well i kinda expect that coming. No offense)

And so this guy just sat there in quiet contempelation. But he did not say a word up till he left. Then suddenly he came back and he asked the barber why he doesnt think god exist. And the barber says that, if god existed then why did he let people on earth suffer with all the tragedy of tsunami and everything.

So the guy replies, " then i dont believe barbers exist". And the barber protested that he does exist.

So the guy pressed on and answered, " if barber existed then why are there still people with long and unkempt hair walking around"

And so the barber answers, " But i can't do anything about it if they didn't come to me". ( expected this too :P, but it was a really smart way to potray what was needed to be said. ) And the rest of the sketch depicted a few scenes which was in the bible or something where jesus healed a blind man and forgave an adultress.

And there was a speaker after that too. He mostly elaborated on the meaning of the sketch.

Then it was off to dinner we went. It took us some time to decide on the venue but at last we ended up in salmon steak ss15 anyway. We almost always goes back to the same place. But i guess its mainly due to the price as well. Oh well food is food i guess. Anyway something kind of scary happened when everyone was making their way to the makan venue, but luckily i wasn't present when it happened. I am not entirely clear about the whole story but apperently jin hui was on his way up the ss15 flyover/bridge when he decided to step on the gas paddle seeing and assuming that the cars at the other side of the flyover was probably moving. But unfortunately realizing too late that the cars were actually in a standstill he was going so fast that he had to brake really hard, which caused his car to sort of drift. Lucky it did not loose control and spin. Sounded pretty scary to me. And now his supension koyak and his alignment kinda out. Oh well, dont know to say its because he is a pretyy good driver thats y can avoid or its because he is suppose to be a good driver that these type of things gets overlooked and accidents happen.

Wow this is getting to be a pretty long post and its just about yesterday.

So today i went to shop for my ball essentials. I am like a very minimalist make up kinda person. I dont put makeup on a regular basis for one. So for occasions when i just feel like it, make up is basically eyeliner and lip gloss. But lately i threw in mascara when i feel like it as well.

So i bought foundation and eyebrow pencil and also mascara because the other one is kinda dried by now. And the reason i don't own an eyebrow pencil, which i think should be the most basic make up to own, is because i have no idea how to draw my brows. Thay are so sparse they can barely be seen. And if i drew it too dark i look like crayon shin chan. So i bought an eyebrow stencil as well.And also got an electric eyelash curler just becuase it cost 6.90 anyway. And i am dying for those oh-so-sexy eyelashes that spans across ur eyelids. This is probably an excuse for me to get stuffs. But who was the fella that coined the word retail therapy must probably be filthy rich or just plain in need of some other kiknd of therapy. How i see it is, for most of us, we need therapy after spending so much on shopping becuase it doesnt really feel that nice when u realize your wallet is empty. Anyway this are the stash of make up and my eyelash curler i bought


the eyelash curler probably look like some shaver but note that it is an electric eyelash curler.

Anyway moving on... other than that, i got myself a pair of shoes for

rm 36. Was expecting to spend rm 60 to 70 for a pair of shoes but unfortunately Nose( its a shoe shop btw) didn't have anything i suitable. There are shoes there that i like but not something i would buy as it is fabric and gets dirty really fast. Not to mention for that price and for it to be so hard to maintain i rather pass. So now i have become a sharron H fan as this is the 2nd pair of shoes i bought from them(being that i have extremely limited shoe collection. or more like none at all). I actually rather liked the design but me being me, i always want to look for the ultimate deal. Unfortunately those were the last pair and i was afraid they would be gone when i came back. But that alone wouldn't have convinced me to buy it though. What really clinched the deal was the 10% discount that the lady was shoving in my way. Well 10% isnt really that much. But i figure i like the shoe enough.

But when i got back and tried it on with my dress i discovered that it was kind of too white for my pinkish dress. It just looked sort of weird. And also maybe a little too plain. So i tried to zest it up a bit. And the results are below. Do vote for ur favourite.


This is the one without any modification.


And a less elaborate one with ribbons tied at the side.

Thats all there is. So help me with the decision k. That will be my ball look.


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I like the last one, Suet likes the second one


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