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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Feeling so much more better today. I think its the fact that i kept waking up in the middle of the night that is effecting the quality of my sleep. Class as usual today as every other day. I think i am getting bored of saying this over and over again. Anyway, started off with systems control tute in the comp lab today. And i come to realize how distracting having a computer in front of me is. I just feel inclined to brows to all the blogs which i usually read and while in xiaxue's blog i decided to pay localbrand's online store a visit. So i was browsing and browsing and came across the "i love annabel chong" t-shirt. I actually saw it before but thought nothing of it thinking it must be some famous singaporean actress or somthing. Well i was half right anyway. The next thing i know, my classmate sitting next to me was making a big hoo ha about the "i love annabel chong" print. So guess why the big hoo ha :P. Well i guess you can go read about it here.

But to make a long story short. the fella was sort of our resident porn expert amd evidently has been watching enough porn to be able to tell me that she is the gang bang queen. HA HA HA. Well obviously i wouldnt know better. But interestingly enough as soon as he finish "introducing" who she was he started to tell me how disgusted he was of her. Well he is pretty much a very very racially proud person. To him chinese should only marry chinese. But well he isnt THAT extremist. And he being a chinese and a gang bang queen just doesnt bode well with him. But it is pretty much twisted sense since he loves porn and so should be basically ok with sex and all but he finds it degrading. Oh well, never easy to make sense of the world. Maybe you might think i am a person of not much a stand, but i just feel that it isn't much of any of my bussiness what others choose to do. It is their life it is their road to walk. I think i already use enough energy trying to live my life right, so why wanna wasted my energy being bothered by some one's life who i don't even know.

Anyway got a ride from him home today and since he eats out anyway he asked if i mind going for dinner with him first before he drops me off. A really interesting guy really, though half of the time i am not too sure whether to take his word for it on certain things. But nonetheless an interesting subject to analyze :P. He is pretty much the old fashion kinda guy mentality wise. Forgot what we talked about because we did skip like tons of topics. But the topic of girls and body never fails to crop up. And some story about his hometown and all. Well i guess that is all for now. And it is off to industrial traning application for me


At 4:28 PM, Blogger Rae said...

I'm curious, siapa tu? The guy.

And that Annabel Chong, triple penetration. Yuck. Grossifying.

At 1:38 PM, Blogger min said...

ha ha ha you know the twins. Well both of them are pretty much into porn ( but so are most guys in that sense), but the one i was talking about was seng kiat. He is hilarious i tell you


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