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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Just making an observation. It seems that blogger has this problem with random advertising where comments are left on someone's blog which is just mainly for advertising their site or something. And its not just my blog. I guess this is something which happens when a service becomes so widely known that it attracts parasites which tries to leech off it. Same goes for real life i guess.

Anyway went to get some stuffs today, one of it being earrings and so I went into one of the shops in summit (a shopping complex if you can call it that) which sells pretty resonabily priced earrings. Before i could reach the part where the earrings was, it being a clothing shop and the accesories being placed somewhere at the back of the shop, i was greated by an apparently extremely enthusiatic shop assistant. She just sort of started rolling off all her recommendations to me. "would you like to buy some of this or that". "new arrivals this and that". And so i just told her i was only looking and politely walked off. But somehow her enthusiasm in selling was not detered. She just follows along anyway and asked me if i would like to but whatever was at our immediate surrounding. I know at this point most of you ppl would have been super irritatted and just walked off or maybe even told her off. But i guess for me, looking in the point of view i can understand where they were coming from. Being a sales person means selling things and so that was what she was trying to do. And for those that tail you quitely and breathes down your neck perhaps you might think " do i look like i will steal anything?" but the fact is even if you know you won't, they don't. So they are just looking out for themselves, even if they could have done it in a less rude manner.


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