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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Nothing much to say recently. This few days i have been walking around in a daze. I dont know why, but eventhough i have been getting almost sufficient sleep i am still so dead tired. So i guess basically this means i have not much thoughts on mt mind right now.

I do have a funny dream to report though. I actually dreamt that me and this bunch of kids ( all girls) went to the US and some how was lodging at this man's place. I dont know why either. But some how my instinct told me he was a peadophile. So i tried to alert the rest without alerting the man but always fail to do so. Then some how along the way, i met mark tho and he offered us to take us in. So i still had to move this ppl out without making the man suspicious. But i dont think i remember what happen after that already.

Ah well a girl with a blank brain blogging.

Bring me back my brains !!!!!

muaha ha ha. ok tats all then


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