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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Well i decided to blog eventhough i have nothing better to blog about really. I am just going through the motion in life. Yada yada. Actually i do have issues that i thought of blogging about but i just get lazy.

So the entry before this was just a picture entry. I still havent got the rest of the pics though. My thoughts of the ball? Well i am not too sure how i felt about it. It was just alright i guess. But the food was just pretty ordinary. The company could have been better *wink wink*. The performance was actually pretty blah. And there wasn't an after party. Sigh, sigh..... But not as if that wasn't really what everyone who had went to a ball hadn't expected and been telling me. Well i guess i had to do it, you know. I haven't really been to a ball. And i would like to at least have said i went once. But i guess now that i have. It isn't much difference than a stupid IU day we used to have in high school. They really should rethink this whole ball thing. It is kinda getting stale. Even with the theme and all it doesnt really reflects on the day's event. So what is the point of the theme. Perhaps they should go all out and really do some stuffs which are theme related and especially especially open the dance floor much earlier. They might even want to think of doing it ala HK movie style or maybe just movies style, where the people stand around chatting and sipping drinks and eatting hours de vours. might save a little cost and perhaps be more interactive. I dunno, maybe. Anything is better than stupid chinese style dinner which reminds me of chinese weddings. Be creative people!!!

Anyway i was thinking of doing the going with a bunch of friends kind of thingy, and have a whole barrel of fun. But that didn't really work as planned. But its alright, i understand. Well i think if we went as the noisy bunch i should think we would have at least rocked things up a little. But u peeps are like way across the sea, so too bad. Then there is the option of going with a date. But too bad, that bombed too. But i do have doubts whether i might be disapointed even if he had been able to make it. Things just don't work out as great as u would hope it would. But i think i shouldnt ask too much and just be glad that he offered to be my date and actually meant it. Seriously, that offer came when i was pretty depressed and was like thinking, " pls just give me one thing to be happy about" and i guess i couldn't ask for more.

Well more about that day. Wei sern was suppose to pick me up to the ball, but he came earlier to avoid the jam from his place to my place. So he waited for me while i put on make up and all. Was suppose to leave at 5 put started a little late. So only finished at 530. Thanks for the make-up btw Mich :). But made not much diff anyway i guess coz we had to wait for Dom in uni. Luckily i was late or we would have had to wait longer. So after Dom arrives we set off on our way to putrajaya, not really knowing the road too well. Dom was leading the way, and on and on we follow till somehow we reached this place which was absolutely breath taking. By that time it was already dark, and we were staring at this place which sort of looked like it came out of a metropolis of a movie where the buildings where all lited to the max. But guess what, we over shot and ended up in cyber jaya. Bummer. And on the way of finding our way out we bumped into another bunch of juniors which got lost as well. How ridiculous. So a 3 car entourage proceeded to the putrajaya marriot and finally reached there 1 hr late, but still with time left before the event started. That is malaysian time for you. And when we reached, we were eagerly ushered to meet a new friend Michelle, which surprise ! surprise! is no michelle at all, but a guy who decided it be fun to,partly in the words of Rajiv," make balls shrink" well at least make Rajiv's balls shrink anyway. But he did make quite a pretty girl for a guy :P. And from there on wards i guess u can say everything is history.

Other note worthy thing is, laine's dress was really nice. In fact laine was absolutely gorgeous. Can beat that actress we used to say u looked like wei :P. And Cindy, muaha ha ha. Finally get to see her in formal gown. Shiok siul. Cindy sure totally blossomed into a HOT chick.

Wow look at the legth of my post. I guess once i start its hard for me to stop. Well thats all for now. Toodles.


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