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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Alright now that i am sitting here i shall rewrite most of what is wrote before my browser crashed. I hope it doesnt do it again this time or it might some conspiracy.

Ok. So about work. Started on wednesday. Saw my supervisor only after lunch and he got straight to explaining to me what i needed to do. And for the rest of the week he wasn't around. But i have a fair share of work to do so this isnt much of a proble. But the 2 other fellow mechatrons with me had their supervisor around and still haven't really had anything substential to do besides some small little stuffs here and there. But i guess maybe they will start gettign busy next week. One thing about going to work is the walking. I have been doing tons of walking when i am not on my butt examining defective parts. I walk from the entrance of the free trade zone to the end which is where the company is located and then cross the width of the free trade zone area because that is how long the company is to get to my office. Then i grab dump my normal bag into the locker and grab another bag inside which contains the coat, pants and headcover and shoes cover which they provide before i head on over to the production line. Another walk and a flight of stairs away( not that near either). Then when lunch comes i walk back to the office to get my normal bag and dump the other bag back into the locker and walk to the cafeteria. And so on and so on. But hey i am not complaining ;) coz that way i get to loose weight.

Then there is the part where everytime i want to go into the production because there is where is my work at the moment, i have to put on the whole coat and pants set and everything. And so i have to go through the whole ritual whenever i go out and come in. Even if it is just a short toilet break. So i barely get to drink water and now i have 2 painful ulcer in my mouth. *sob*. So what i do now is before i go in there in the morning i drink loads of water. And the same for lunch.

The ppl there seem pretty friendly for the time being. But time will tell i guess. Hmmm and quite a few eye candies too. But most of the time i see ppl wraped frm head to toe. So i have no idea how they look. Thats all now.


At 8:24 PM, Blogger Rae said...

Wahaha. Mummified eye candy. That's new. Any hot chicks?

Anyway I got lost with all the walking and bag dumping. 55iw ya lots you know.

Wish you were just a phone call or 5 minutes drive away. Sigh

At 8:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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