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Saturday, November 19, 2005

I decided to make "shorter" post so that reading it doesn't seem so overwhelming.
So the next agenda on my list would be something that i think i alr told almost all of you. But not all.

So yesterday while walking to cafeteria with just edible food my handphone rang. Picking it up, the person identified herself as Ms Nurul ( btw, after more than once picking up the phone and answering with a not so friendly voice to a number of important and official calls e.g. from potential employers and such, i have made it a point to answer with a more pleasant voice to any number which i do not recognize because i guess its time i learnt to keep myself in check). Since the lady from the HR department where i work is also Ms Nurul, i was wondering why did she call me. But she went on to further ask me if i remember taking part in a "48 hours in Singapore" contest. Of course i do. But when i heard that part my heart just skipped a beat. But hold your horses there ;) i haven't won anything yet. The call was to inform me i am shortlisted as a potential winner. They wanted me to go in to the 8tv studio on monday for an interview. She says there will be a camera man and all. I wonder what for though, since it is only shortlisted people. I wonder how many are on the list. Sigh so many questions so little answer. But then again the winner is doing some shoot to introduce singapore i guess from what i remember reading on the contest details. So i think it is probably a camera test? Sigh i might be on the losing end then because i just started work and i felt that taking leave this early isnt good for that responsible, credible, reliable image. But they say they will call me for and interview as well as asking me to mail them my photo. So if i did not get the call i should know what happened i guess. Pray for me ppl ;) Life has just begun to look more exciting for me. But it can only be so short lifed. Cest la vie


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