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Saturday, November 19, 2005

blog a blogging. Live has been quite filled lately with work and all. So blogging might not be as frequent unless i decide to make a short one. Coz as u know, i am a very slow person so i take some time to blog. But then again, even well known bloggers have admitted to taking an hour or more for one post so what more me right. Anyway before i get down to bussiness, Rae, i don't think your hint qualifies as a hint anymore ;) ha ha ha. But ya i do miss you very very much. You know since i settled down from all the study madness and everything, i have been thinking back to all the crazy improptu or planned shoppin sessions and mamak session we used to have. Those were the days of randomness man. But it might not be the same anymore coz then we will be working alr.

Alright so what have i been up to this past week then. Work as usual. Get up at 6 go to sleep at 12. And everytime i wake up feeling horridly tired i wov to sleep early that night but ends up not doing so. But so far so good, i haven't yet feel like i am about to die of exhaustion. This is a good sign. Finished my project or so it is called. Counting chips. Hope i didn't mess up eventhough it seems impossible to do so. But i am just paranoid that what i consider as a reject chip isnt what they have in mind. Another guy decided to have another look at one of the sets of chip i helped him check, because the result i got shows that none of the sawing parameters used produced a good cutting result. Sigh i know i should have more confidence, but its hard. I am trying my best to etch a good image for myself as a reliable, credible, self motivated maybe even confident( though at theis moment it doesnt seem to apply) employable individual. I know it is just training, but its a stepping stone for the future and i am worried i am not up to par. How ?
So anyway, the next task would be temperature profiling which just means waiting game. And also every week or pehaps every task that has been completed i am encouraged by my supervisor to write a short report to assist me in writing my final report to be handed in to the uni. I have alredy started and almost completed my report for this task, but i am now wondering if i should write the report base on a work done weekly review or per project base. Sometimes i wonder if the approach i use is correct or out of topic. And this fear actually makes me freeze in my tracks thus slowing me down. I am hopeless


At 12:55 PM, Blogger lainegal said...

rae...i miss u too :p really miss those MUFY days and also during our first year.

will treasure all the moments...min, u, suet, daphne and michelle :)


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