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Monday, November 28, 2005

Alright, and its time for blogging again. Well not that it is a weekly episode thing. Like i have said, i have a thoudsand and one thing i thought of blogging about. But once i sit down to start i cant remember what i wanted to say.

So since i am exhausted to the max today i shall just recall what i did today. Work as usual is work. But after work i was suppose to go dinner with laine. Since she was going back to Melaka i decided to spend her first, since i havent spent all u lovely ppl that chipped in for my present This yr. The rest shall have to wait till my pay comes ya. And see when we can arrange somthing. And Rae u have wait till u get ur pretty butt back here.

Dinner was at secret recipe since both of us havent had secret recipe cakes for ages. And i have been dying to try their chicken stuffed with cheese thingy. But i was dissappointed to find that it was not available. If i know ho, maybe i might not go there lo. But too exhausted to think alr lo. If not i would have moved.

We did some catching up, since we havent really sat down and talked really really talk for quite some time. But i was kinda tired so i guess my response was kinda lacking. Sorry laine. But honestly i do really miss hanging out with u. Gonna miss u. So i shall be crossing my fingers for u to get a job here soon. In the mean time have fun with ur hols and *hugs*. Wanted to give u a nice fat hug just now. But ;P sudah tak bermaya. Will wait for u to get back to give me a fat juicy hug. Ha ha ha is this sounding too wierd yet.

So here are a few pics of the food. I know this is ending very adruptly but but but...... brain not functioning. Jung Yin Ji I miss the lots of u all la.

excuse my non adjusted pictures. I really have no feel alr right now. Thank you very much and bye bye.


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