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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sigh another day at work. And i am getting myself stressed out. Stuffs are begining to go wrong. Yesterday i couldn't get my thermocouple reading because the wires within the plug managed to tangle and short itself thus only giving me readings within the box that keeps the heat in. Today the program to get the data from the data logger crashed and all the data was lost. Well manage to solve the 1st problem without needing to get help fr the supervisor. But the 2nd one there is nothing anyone could do about it anyway.

U guys must be wondering what i am talking about. Well its work for one thing. Basically i am suppose to take the temperature reading of something while it goes through a reflow oven. And all i do is wait, wait and wait some more while it goes throught the long oven.

Another thing about going to work and being a trainee is that u get people now and then just starting a conversation with you by asking if you are a trainee, and where are u from. But that only happens when i go to the back entrance where they have a room for ppl to sit down and put on their coats and all before entering. Its pretty nice really to have people being friendly and like telling you good luck and have fun learning and all. ha ha ha. I even had a vendor that came to set up the machine they sold to the comp asking me that yesterday. And we just sort of exchanged some words and today he came back to continue his work and was just a few machine next to mine and when he left he was like " so how is it going ? have fun learning" and all. Ah life :P the little perks that makes things feel peachier. At least u know it isnt such a big and lonely world out there where it is everyone for their own.

Ah one more thing about my work place. When we go to the line everyone is in face mask, so u usually don't quite manage to recognize who is who. But so far i have been improving. I can recognize my supervisor from afar and also aaron's supervisor. But the thing with people that u see in the line and not outside is, its much harder for u to know how they look like without the face mask. Amazingly, one of the engineer i managed to get to know earlier actually recognized me. But the funny thing was. We were both walking out from opposite toilets. And suddenly that fella was like. .. " are u wong" Not exactly how i imagined him to look. But i wasnt sure how i imagined he will look also la. So now i finally met the real face of that fella ha ha ha. Interesting. And i am relieved to say that, the stuffs that i helped him check, the results i got was actually correct. Ha ha ha. I should have more confidence in myself .

Anyway i messed around with photoshop some more :P. Don't laugh la. not expert. Its actually very crappy photoshopping but hey, its just for fun ;)

the original pic

The reason why i am not Su qi. I look too wierd for words with Su Qi style lips. If i ever get plastic surgery, this will remind me i dont need a lip job.

And here is virtual make up


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