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Thursday, December 01, 2005

I haven't been online much lately due to tight schedule. I have been out out and out almost everyday. And i seriously can't believe it. At least i can't say working during the hols is a drag, since i still get to do normal crazy holiday stuffs. Only it happens at night and during the weekends as well. It is getting to a point where i wonder when do i get to stay at home to rot.

As for updating this blog with the many interesting things i have done as well as any thoughts i come across, well i really wonder how do all these ppl do it. When i get home, all i can think about is just sitting there and relaxing for a while and then going to sleep. Especially since these three days i have been coming home mostly at 10 - 12. And yes there is work the next morning. So this means the more happening my life is the less this blog gets updated since i wont have the time for it. But i guess for some there is always the time at the office where the computer is readily available. But that is not me.

Anyways, besides monday's dinner, tuesday we decided to try out the latin class that celebrity fitness has to offer since me, suet and mich has 7 days free trial period at celebrity fitness. Class was at 7 so i went right after work. The class was not bad, but it was almost non-stop 1 hr class. Everytime the instructor say " from the top" , I gave michelle a horrified look. Then after that they went for dinner. But as it is with people that met after months of being away, we have lots to talk. But even if that was not the situation we still have lots to talk. So u can imagine. At last I only reached home at 11. Then yesterday was Yam cha session with the old "sisters" Jennifer and all. And we haven't met in ages, so what yam cha session which started at 830 only ended at 12 plus. Ah well, we are girls after all.

After last nights yam cha session did i realize how much i have been drifting and not keeping up with this set of friends. And without realizing it, i have been missing this one part of my old life including the many other parts that I am aware of. It is true that different group of frens brings different things to the table. And at the moment i think my "table" is missing a lot of stuffs. With next year coming, another bunch of things are going to leave my table. With people going off to study and some others starting their career. Its kinda getting depressing. And even if it is an opportunity to go out and gather new stuffs to put on the table e.g new friends. It is not always as easy as it sounds. With tight schedules and all. And somehow i just can't see the bridge that is suppose to lead me to a greener pasture so as to speak. Well either way, life goes on.

So anyway, when i started this post i intended to blog about something that i came across on kenny's site. Seems another blogger has passed on. I went to her blog to see what it was all about and when i read her post, it just feels so wierd that she is no longer here. It just makes me think, imagine if one day it was my time and one of the things which will hold witness to how i lived my life and reflect my pressence on this earth is my blog. And everything that i thought and done was recorded here. What kind of picture have i painted and how permenant is this foot print. It is very hard to imagine that the day that the final post was written might have been days or hours before the blogger left this earth, not knowing that was going to happen.

Death is ever elusive,
coming from no where,
to claim what is deemed due,
with a beat of the heart,
and all is over,
no more heart beat,
no more breathe,
all is cold and all is quiet,
but only for the sound of grief,
that lingers....


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