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Monday, December 05, 2005

I went for la bodega the 2nd time last Saturday with the old bunch of high school friends ( Daphi, Jenni, Alli, Lyd and Lin Lin) and it was actually a pretty enjoyable experience. I did not blog about the 1st time i was there eventhough initially i was super hyped to go there because i was disappointed with the outcome of our orders.

So anyway, at 645 the entourage arrived at my house. And all six of us were packed into a Wira( it wasn't that bad really. except maybe for alli's butt) And we headed down to Bangsar with Jenni driving. Reached around close to seven i guess. I am not sure since i didnt check the time. And parking in Bangsar apparently is hard to find even at a normal hour minus the drinking ppl. Imagine the havock when the party really begins. I seriously pity the ppl living in Bangsar. Anyways, we finally found a parking somewhere. Everything is a walking distance so we just grabed the next car park we could find. And it was off food hunting. Since La bodega was just one of the many options. There were a few viable restaurant. We almost ended up in a lebanese restaurant which was suppose to have belly dancing, but since it might be spicy and alli's throat wasn't doing too well we decided to pass. Maybe next time. I am always game for something new. So La bodega it was.

I think the question that some of u ppl might be asking is why on earth did i decide to go back there then. The reason is actually that i thought they had a different menu for their bar & restaurant and their deli outlet which is just situated next to each other. Well i found out otherwise. But that they have a seperate menu for main dishes other than paella. But alas we did not go for that. Instead we still ordered the paella which had me dissapointed the 1st time around. And we also got some entrees which we had the waitress recomend. We had the button muchroom sauted with garlic and something i think and some lamb meatballs. And we had that with a basket of very nice soft french bread i think. The bread with the sauce was heavenly. And if u were to eat there and dont want the main meal i think u can get full by having an entree with bread. Which would cost u maybe less than rm 10 minus drinks? . But the bread is for the whole table la. I actually debated whether to order alcoholic drinks since i wasnt sure if they were going drinking later. But i couldn't resist the call of my chardonnay which i really missed for sometime. That set me back rm 16 but was definitely worth it since the wine was pretty smooth. And finally the paella came and lo and behold. It looks absolutely fabulous with clams and prawns and mussels. filling the pan. It wasn't that measily 3 mussles 3 prawn thing that i had the last time we went.

this was what i was expecting.

Anyways we had fun taking pictures and doing a little catching up. We later decided to find a nice place for maybe desert when we stumbled upon this bistro which i forgot the name. The down stairs was something close to a cafe but somehow we ended upstairs because downstairs had quite a few people. But the upstairs was cool too, except what i expected to be desert turned out to be a second glass of alcohol. The ambience upstairs is actually quite nice. And there was even a cute waiter/bartender. I dunno he was doing both. Ah too bad didnt get to chat him up ;).

These are some of the pics we took. The combinations are a bit wierd but then again everyone was a litle lazy to move around to take pictures so where we mostly sat was where we took our pics ;)

It was fun, but i think i need to conserve money since it is just the begining of the month and i alr splurge 50 plus out of my 200. But maybe going down for drinks again this fri that is if suet wants to go. Someone has gotta teach me the art of mesmerizing a guy enough to buy me drinks ;). ha ha ha. Anyway i think i might just get a beer. But that isnt cheap either. RM 18 wei. Wa seh really need to keep my word on, the hanging at mamak statement liao. At least i can survive with rm 2.