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Monday, December 05, 2005

omg the comp that i have is so freaking slow. Anyways somehow i am being made to eat my words about notbeing able to blog in the office since i am doing this for the 2nd time in a row today. The reason for this is because after half day worth of training to do cross sectioning i am left with another half a day that is free. My supervisor thinks i deserve a rest. So here i am supposedly taking this time to write my report but am actually multi tasking e.g blogging and *ahem* reading some acedemic related stuffs.

I guess i am not complaining since i get to use the comp anyway. So far i have been reading on the GPS stuffs(which i now learnt is different from GPRS one being Global Positioning system and the latter being General Packet Radio service) since i am interested to see if it can be used for one of my ideas. Will see how much i can gather from the internet and if i get any more bright ideas on how i can use it. Feel like perhaps expanding the tracking robot to higher technology. But that is just my thoughts. Nothing t do with the project group that I was with. Though a simple infra red signal was enough fr us to get a HD. But i am not complaining really. And the obstacle avoidance system can use some work as well. It was actually still buggy when we demoed. But that could be due to our infrared reciever which was playing havoc with our microcontroller due to the sucky mounting which is actually my fault anyway. Oops! thought the way we secured it was good enough to avoid short circuits.

As random as it is, since i mam typing this not in a continous time mode, i decided to give a simple japanese lesson today. Not sure who is this going to benefit but at least it will help me to remember some of the stuffs i have been trying to self learn.

Lesson 1

good morning - ohayo gozaimasu

how are you? / are u healthy ? - O genki desuka

how do you do ? - hajimemashite

my name is .... - watshi no namae wa .... desu

nice to meet you - dozo yuroshiku/ yuroshiku onegaishimasu

thank you - arigato gozaimusa

you're welcome - do itashi mashite

excuse me - sumimasen

i'm sorry - gomenasai

i speak alittle japanese - watashiwa nihongo sukoshi hanashimasu