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Friday, December 16, 2005

oh i just finally discovered i can log in to blogger using this comp at the office. Currently waiting for break time coz me and another person is suppose to double check for rejects in the die. So i rather let him go 1st. Hopefully he doesnt have the same idea.

Anyway I finally got to see the pics from Rae's cam which was all from last yr. (But still got some missing just in case u didn't realize Rae ;P But i know u are busy so take ur time. But don't make it another yr ya :P) Anyways, congrats girl you are finally a graduate. So proud of ya.

And back to the pics. Wow that was alot of memories from last yr. Looking at the pics just makes it seem so wierd this yr since Rae is not around. Its seriously so wierd, something missing. Its like i keep seeing Rae in the pic, and the current round of pic is lacking so many people. Its like so quiet alr *sob*. Even now laine is back in Melaka. So its just the 5 of us for the hols. Not as noisy a group anymore. I really wonder when will this ever be possible again. Since the mid yr hols even with Rae coming back (And i really hope you do!) Suet might not come back. But accordind to her she will miss her family too much not to come back. But who knows ;P who she might miss over there if she had come back. And then Laine might come back to KL but she will be working by then. Jin Hui wont be back. But that is another story. Daphi will be working as well. *SOB* I am rambling. Sigh ..... But anyhow, whatever it is, i still wanna spend time with you Rae. I also miss those days when you just crave for whatever you crave for and we two crazy fella go and cari makan. At the mean time i will be trying very hard to loose weight to keep up with ur raging appetite.Those are really good old days.

photo posting for the rest coming up soon