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Thursday, January 26, 2006

another 2 more or should i say one and a half more days and the holidays will be upon us. 1 entire week off for me. yippee. But...... sigh i feel as if i always have things to complain about. Is it me, or is the magazines just feeding me with too much of those, " is your friend a complain whore" thingy. But i feel i do complain a lot, but what can i do. I will have to return to work for at least another 2 more weeks. But to think about it, it ain't that long. Its just that i don't hope to spend 2 weeks paying RM 8 transport fees per day going to work so i can do nothing. So i hope that is not true.

Anyways, sometimes it is funny how things only hit me once i sit down to think about it. It just hit me that things will no longer follow "tradition" from this yr on for cny. What is tradition for me? First day of cny wake up laze around abit, refuse to follow dad to the famed tin hou kong temple in KL ( yes that is the tradition most years. He ask, i say lazy.) Those will prob still remain the same, but then after that when mom is done with praying, with a little help from me. Me and her will go over to my grandparent's place to "visit" and meet up with both my mom's brothers and their family. This year that little visit is eliminated from the day's agenda. Which in fact makes quite a big part of that day, because we stay to chat and play cards. Since both my grandparents are no longer around, my uncles won't be coming down so early if not at all. I guess they will be starting their own tradition from now on. So what will be my family's new tradition then. I honestly can't think of much. It is just wierd Maybe me and mom should embark in some hon tai making. i don't think most of you would know what are those, but its a sort of noodle that is made into a flatened sphere and steamed and then sliced and cooked either in soup or fried.

Anyways i guess this year its not just me that is going to have to deal with not doing what we do every year for cny. Rae! wonder when you will get ur connection to read this. Anyway hope you have found a way to make ur cny a little more bearable this yr. *hugs* . Throws mandrin oranges at you.

well either way i still can't wait for cny to come. At least i know one thing is for sure. reunion dinner will still be there. And new tradition has it that we do it steamboat style. I don't mind at all since i think it should be less fattening. ha haha. Like i really care. But i will still have my normal fare for the hoi nin fan.

anyays xing nian kuai le. gong xi fa chai


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