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Friday, January 20, 2006

Read this today. I am just shaking my head now. What came into my mind after a while was, Iraq/ Saddam Hussien. Although perhaps their main aim isn't exactly similar. But one should wonder what kind of society are we living in which needs a spy committee to be formed to ensure others live like what is deemed proper. Is this the extent we need to go to to make sure everyone confirm to society's or rather in this case a particular religion's mold. Eventhough this issue does not effect me, it still makes me wonder if it doesn't seem a little extreme. And not only do i think this does not solve problems, I can see how more problems might arise from this. The act of spying, I believe harbours a lot of unhealthy psychological effects, for the person doing it as well as everyone else which have the potential of being spied on. First of all, i believe that any righteous person who have half a sane mind, will not believe in the notion of spying, for whatever cause. So those that volunteers for such a job would probably be some over zealous person who in one way or another have a extremist streak. So if that is the case, it might come to a point where false accusations might surface due to lack of "results" in their spying. And as for the general public that are being spied on, it creates an environtment of distrust and paranoia where you wonder which of the people you are with are actually spies.

So is this the kind of society that anyone wants to live in. In the end, what a person chooses to do with their life is only up to themselves. The one thing that i learn from life is that, the harder you try to control a person, the craftier they get at finding ways to do otherwise. No one can change another person without that person wanting to change themselves.


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