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Monday, January 16, 2006

la la la. Monday in the office and i have nothing to do. How long is this gonna keep up. Anyways, got spent lunch today by..... hmmm i am not sure who. But should be One of the trainee which today is his last day punya supervisor. Since my supervisor and aaron's supervisor is also on friendly terms with him, we got called along too. The first spent lunch here, not that it is mandatory for them to do so. But apperently this trainee which is going away got spent TGIF when he first arrived. So lucky. But going out for lunch with a bunch of people that you barely know is a little stressful in a way that you don't really know how to act. It is even worst in a situation like chinese style meal where u scoop food off dishes in the middle of the table. I always hate eating with strangers this style. But oh well, today was a chinese style thing. So i stick to easy to eat stuffs and leave harder to reach stuffs alone. Nothing much interesting happened other than hearing snippets of interesting convo about this person or that. I am totally bored now.

p.s: you cannot imagine how cha doh i was when while my supervisor was explaining somthing to me and i was looking at my phone on the table, praying no smses will come and out of no where it just tinkled to announce incoming messages. Sigh..... such is the browns law. Well at least i have something to do today. Only problem being my supervisor will not be around for 3 days

edit: random thoughts, but it just hit me how long pregnancy is. 9 months sounds very extremely scary


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