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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Had a really nice break for cny. But sigh..... this wonderful time is coming to an end * sob * . My one week holiday is almost over. Its saturday and another one more day and my ass will have to be back at the office again. But i really enjoyed how lazily the week has passed. I wasn't entirely at home most of the time. But i wasn't entirely busy rushing here or there anyway. But mostly since the bunch of them are either back in their hometown or off somewhere having a nice relaxing holiday, most of my time was spent with my mum, which suits me fine.

So anyways, reunion dinner was the usual fare, steamboat and all. I didn't take any pics coz its nothing much to see i guess. But this year around safe to say i didn't stuff myself silly. Either that or my stomach grew bigger. But it is a refreshing feeling to not feel so full that you can't move. I know that is really up to me, but cny wo, got food don't eat meh. Some more so delicious food. So i am like a search and destroy unit. In this case, see food == eat. ha ha ha .

Anyways, first day of cny we started something new. As i say usually dad will be going to the famed tin hau kong. Well he didn't, and so i didn't have to chance to refuse. But i ended up attending a mass buddhist prayer + releasing of life (i.e fish in to pond/ birds into sky thingy) ceremony. Which i do use to attend on normal basis till i got lazy :P. I actually had a wonderful picture in mind, if i had manage to take it. It was a view of sun rising hidden between clouds with birds flying everywhere when released. But i didn't feel it was nice for me to whip out my phone while prayers were going on, to take pictures. So no pics as well. After that went to mines shopping mall to eat at the wong kok char chan teng there, coz mom insist they have the best yin yong. Not too bad, but the food was just alright, provided we were only eating bready stuff.
Then we went home and later made hon tai. Yup just like i said.

2nd day of cny was hoi lin fan, which not mant ppl does anyway. Its probably just to signify the begining of the year of some sorts. This i have pictures, since dad was so excited about how nice the dishes looks, he asked me to take pictures of it. These are almost the usual fare we have for the hoi lin fan except my nice duck dish this yr.

some dish introduction is in order i guess

nian nian you yu - a recipe which mom got from the recipe book i bought her a few birthdays ago

this is the chicken dish. This year we did herbal chicken. I think usually its just steamed chicken.

hee har tai siu - another adapted recipe from the book i bought.

siu yuk - enough said.
my fave dish - hou si fat choi with mushrooms

vege dish with yummy mushrooms

lap cheong + shi ku

Thats all for the 2nd day of cny.


Now on wednesday, it was the sister's "reunion" dinner. Just an excuse to eat ? :P Anyways, suppose to lou sang, but since chinese restaurants are going to be a bomb, we went to a restaurant which is owned by the company jenni works with. A thai restaurant. The food was not bad at all, and the pricing was alright.

this was wat we had + a tom yam soup which was not in the pic

from top left - basil chicken ( not too bad. could be more spicier, mango kerabu with fried catfish ( nice and yummy), some platter thingy with assorted munchies, pandan leave chicken ( absolutely tasty and tender) and baby kai lan.

And we had free dessert wine cos jenni's church mate + manager was having dinner there and they had some left so since she didn't want to bring it home she asked us if we liked some. It was really nice and sweet. I could really drink a whole bottle of this. :P

Anyways, since i was wearing something different from my normal style they insist in taking a pic of me body length. So this is the skirt that i bought for cny. The bag wasn't mine btw. Its daphi's. But if i were to bring my green bag, i think we would havd been better off exchanging bags coz she was wearing blue :P

and here is one for the group photos. Hmmm looks like we have been meeting up quite often. Oh well better do it while we can. Else everyone will be so busy=======================================================

Anyways, yesterday, my mom's bro i.e my uncle came down to visit. And since he has always wanted to catch a movie when he gets down here we went for a midnight show. Since this is prob the only time he is really that free, not to mention the ticket price being 2.4 times lower than singapore.He wanted to catch fearless, which was the only show worth catching at the time being. Went earlier to buy tickets since we were afraid the ticket booth might close. We still had 1 hr to kill before show started so we were contempelating what to do. Then he saw the pool place near the cinema. We had quite a nice time there. We started off with foosball, which i really sucked at. But we had 2 games anyway. Me and my uncle vs my bro ha ha ha . We won once. Then decided pool will occupy a longer time. It was quite fun since i haven't played pool in a long long time. And it took a long time indeed. But we made it on time anyway :P. And there was a really long ad time. *snores*. Talking about snoring, some one did snore in the cinema. Aiks. he slept through almost the whole show. Hmmmm wasted, it was a nice show. But the cha doh part is, there was an uncle which was prob my grand pa's age or perhaps younger, and he stayed awake through the whole show. Ah well perhaps the snoring person wasn't chinese. But the show was nice, not by storyline, but the fighting scene was mouth watering. But what little story line there was, i actually couldn't understand how ppl can be so blinded by power and being the best when it really doesn't mean anything in the end. But i guess life is about learning. In the end he finally realized his mistake. But too bad he had to die.


At 9:19 AM, Blogger Rae said...

I can't see no piccies. Maybe I'm blind. Sob, I can't see.....

Hehe, that's my overdramatic performance for the day, I'm waitig forwork to start - agin :p

At 11:31 AM, Blogger lainegal said...

i watched the show was ok except for the fighting scenes. i like the girl who played his daughter...she very very cute!!!

and his fren...wah lau...where can find this kind of fren liao one? sell off his restaurant to give him the money to open a tai fong...

At 8:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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