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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

You know i find it funny how some ppl write in such a way that you just feel the warmth in each words. It just makes me feel as if i really want to get to know the person in real life. I feel that what they put into words are not mere words at all but a soft and gentle lulling of sentences. I know sentences are just words put together, and i am not sure how is it that the way these singles words put together in different ways can give out such different sort of aura.Maybe its also the things that they write about i guess. I wonder if other ppl agree with me on this though. Take for example this 2 different bloggers :- B1 & B2

Now tell me what kind of aura does this two person evoke through their writing.

They seem to be ppl that actually managed to observe the world as it passes as compared the rest of us who are mostly self absorbed. We never manage to notice the things that actually goes on around us, or rather all we talk about is ourselves. I am no different either. Most of what i write about is what happens to me. Theirs are quite a refreshing blogs to read. But most importantly, i guess is a reminder to you and me that in our daily lifes perhaps we should slow down and smell the roses a little bit and observe what is going on around us rather than be submerged in a world of our own.


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