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Thursday, February 16, 2006

It was raining swimming pools yesterday. The rain was the heaviest in a long time man. And what do i do, but to call on my dad for help though he was home and had to drive all the way here to pick me up and then send me back home before heading out again. But i should have known better than to expect there to be no jam. But it really makes me wonder how would it be if i were to be on my own and have no one to rely on in situations like this. I guess i will survive. Its just that i tend to get lazy and dependent when help is around. Unfortunately the traffic was so bad that i ended up being droped at pyramid to take a bus home while my dad rushes off somewhere else. He should have used the LDP in that case. Sigh.... Anyways, as i was on the bus i wasn't able to get a sit as is expected. So i stood at aisle. And as usual i tend to try to take care that i do not get pick pocketed by paying close attention to my bag especially in the presence of shady characters. But i hate to do it too obviously so i was slowly trying to pull my bag towards the front since its a sling bag. But sometimes life just throws you some pleasant surprises. But perhaps i am just over paranoid. But its not like i was particularly suspicious, its just that i am being more careful, but one of the guy sitting next to the aisle closest to me actually stood up and offered me a seat. Which was a really pleasant surprise and pretty refreshing too since you don't see too many of this gestures in the present society. But then again, this is still not reason enough to put down my guard in future bus rides, sadly. Because it only takes one ill intentioned person to loose your belongings, and you don't know when you actually meet them. A very demoralizing fact.

Other than that, I have been awoken in the middle of the night this few days by wierd dreams. Its not the scary kind, but i just jerk awake when i reach a certain interesting part of the dream. Not a good thing, since that means i haven't been getting good sleep, although it means that i have been getting good entertainment. Pretty interesting dreams that sometimes reflects what information which has been passed to me during the days sometimes. But this morning i was awaken again by a dream. Kinda amusing one for me. But this time it has nothing at all to do with reality. Only thing being it gets irritating when you are jerked awake at the most interesting moment and you don't find out what happened next. Now the only thing i can remember is that it has wang lee hom in it. I think ...... :P and he is having the career of his life time or something doing concerts and all. And i was ahem... his girl friend i think. But somehow his career was backed by some gangstas fella. I am not very clear about this already. But then they decided they wanted to snub him. For reasons that i do not remember already. So his popularity plunged and he was demoralized. Now the interesting part is the next scene where the background seems to come from the young and dangerous movie where e-kin cheng was about to recognize the guy in the show to be his tai lo. It is really the same guy in the movie! And then Wang Lee Hom decided that since his singing career was no more, he would join the gang as well. And he would wanna be under that same tai lo. And then i was doing the hug from the back thing which us cliche for those love story scene to try to stop him from going. And i was actually able to not let him move eventhough he was struggling to move forward. And then after a while, i just shuddered awake. And to think back, i was actually thinking about that young and dangerous show yesterday i think. Hmmmm its getting strange that my day thoughts are manifesting into my dreams. That has never happen to me. And not as if i was really contempelating that thought too hard either.

Ah i guess by now you would have figured i am very extremely free, telling grandmother stories about my dreams. Anyways time to go off to the HR department to settle some stuffs. toodles


At 4:22 PM, Blogger lainegal said... lee hom? hehe...cute and funny dream. was he cute? haha...i have yet to dream of him. but just dreamt of "dong bang shin gi" the other day. u noe who they are? hehe...

At 12:30 AM, Blogger min said...

Ha ha ha lee hom was quite toned leh. very delicious. And i got to hold on to him from the back mua ha ha. And he was not wearing a top but bottom was jeans la. kelakar. And ya i know dbsk of course ;)

At 3:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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