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Saturday, February 18, 2006

A lady walks in through the main entrance. Stops in front of a shop that is under construction and shielded from the public eyes by ply woods which are the norm for shops that are under construction in a shopping mall. The signs on the ply wood says Heinstand swiss gourmet bakery. She pulls open one of the make shift doors in the ply wood fort to look inside. Looks around and shuts it again. Looks around outside and then finally found who she was looking for. A mat salleh guy walks towards her. And they exchange a hearty hand shake. And both of them walks through the ply wood makeshift fort.

Thats what i saw when i was sitting in summit waiting for my friend's arrival. I can't wait for that shop to open. I wonder what kind of delicious wonders is going to come out from their kitchen. But i wonder if i will be able to afford it. Well, stay tuned and i shall have a few photo entries on the stuffs that is going to be sold in this shop.

Anyways, went for k in summit song bird today. i should seriously come here for my future karoake outings. Its 9.90 for buffet lunch and 3 hours of singing bliss. Then later got draged to watch a "ghost" movie called 49 days. But it turns out instead of being scared out of my wits, i was actually crying more than screaming. A rather sad show indeed. Either that or i am pmsing. Ha ha ha. but i am sure there are quite a number of ppl crying in the cinema other than me. Sigh sigh. But anyways, i highly recommand this show so give it a watch. Then u can tell me if u find it as sad as i do. Oh besides that its kinda funny too in someparts. There are parts which are predictable. But there are parts which leaves u guessing too. So i think its not a bad movie to watch.


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