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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Have i mentioned that i was exercising? I am trying to get into shape for a studio photoshoot and the time in fact has been tantatively pushed forward. We had plans to do it in june/july. But because michelle might need extra pics she decided to do hers earlier. And i thought, since we wanted to take together since it will be more fun and we can have a picture of us together that I prob like to do it same time as her as well. And to think about it, longer time might mean longer time for me to get into shape. But the only problem being, i eat when i get stressed. And the earlier proposed time is after finals exams. Which means super stress time. So given that i am in suitable condition to go ahead with the photoshoot, i will do it mid to end April and probably get the pictures in time to be a birthday present for myself ;).

So besides exercising, i have been mindful about my eating as well. I don't think i am in denial if i were to say that i am not on a diet, because i don't skip meals. I just try very very very hard not to snack when i am not hungry. Coz either way that isn't healthy in the first place right? (anyone thinks otherwise ?:P)But the only problem being, i tend to snack when i feel stressed or even when i feel bored. And if that isn't bad, things just seems more desireable when u can't have it. One thing good though is that, with the effort of saving money, i don't have much left for indulgence. Which leads me to snack less and eat healthier. Now how about that for killing 2 birds with one stone. Now though, i am waiting to see when i have enough money to indulge in some fantabulous marinara from italianos. That has to wait for next month onwards though. Sigh.......

And sad to say, the wheather has been a bitch lately. Keeps raining on my parade. Or rather keeps raining on the time when i usually jog. It used to rain AFTER i jog. Will see how it goes next week. But at least i still have monday and tuesday mornings i hope ;) and perhaps saturday too.


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