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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lets see, what have i been doing this few days. Other than last Sat's k and scary movie session, Sunday was for breakfast get together. And since its been quite a while since we went dim sum, i suggested that eventhough i didn't have a particularly strong craving for it. Then somehow we decided to pay summit's dog show a visit. So many cute and big dogs around. my heart was just melthing. But sigh..... i can't own one anytime soon. No pics there since i was busy admiring the dogs. And those that i took were too far away to see much.

Later went grocery shopping with my mom and i discovered this

its a limited edition kit kat. And its lemon cheese flavour. Some how i saw it, picked it up and turned to my mum and just smiled and say, " buy ya ;p" ha ha ha. I think the lemon cheese flavour somehow got to me. Not that i used to be such a huge fan of cheese not too long ago. But i think it was absolutely delicious. It does have that lemon cheese flavour. Without refrigeration the outer coating has a nice smooth and soft ish creamy feel to it while the inner layer is of course the wafer. But too bad i only had one stick and its gone. The rest of the bounty was shared with my mom and two brothers. It goes for about rm 2 ++ for a pack of 2 with 2 "fingers" in each pack. Something different from the normal chocolate kit kat.

Besides those i bought ingredients for my cooking adventure as well. Unfortunately yeast wasn't in that list. I thought i had some at home. Turns out it expires 2000 instead of 2006 as i heard it. So i got all ready for some baking and couldn't do bread. So i decided i shall do cakes instead. No recipe though. Took 2 eggs, seperate white and yolk. Whip whites till stiff. took 3 table spoons of butter about 4 table spoons of sugar mix everything with the egg yolks. Half a rice bowl of flour dumped in and mixed. Then fold the mixture into the egg white and bake. This is the result.

Doesn't look like much, but its surprisingly edible. Just not fluffy enough. I plan to reduce the amount of flour used the next time. In fact it reminds me of the cake my mom used to make. Just that mine isn't as dry thus not crunchy enough ;) ha ha ha.

Monday morning went for basketball with Oon-Ee and totally felt old and unhealthy. Well at least i am getting some exercise. Played 2 on 2 against 2 kids which are in form 1 and form 2. And hmmm got owned :P. But i was seriously exhuasted. I am almost twice their age man.

And later in the afternoon mom brought me over to summit for facial and later i managed to squeeze in a haircut. I have been wanting a fringe for a while. Was thinking of something like this

The hair dresser that was suppose to do my hair didn't know who rainie was, so she asked this other guy who knew to take over. But then he was telling me her hairstyle is very severe in a sense where almost half a head of hair becomes the fringe. He ask me if i really wanted that. Sigh but i chickened out. Maybe i should have sticked to the plan. So what i got was this instead.

I guess it could have been a little thicker on the front. Ah well, maybe next time. Besides will see how some make up will look with this. Anyways it was suppose to be just a cut but ended up being a cut, wash and blow. And the straightened my hair for me with the iron so everything was nice and smooth.

so i spent rm 35 unexpectedly. sigh. I wanted to curl my hair though. But that would have to wait.


At 1:08 PM, Blogger Y4nG said...

i oso wanna play b ball -__-

At 7:45 PM, Blogger Rae said...

ahhhh, that scared me a bit
ur hair so straight liao

At 11:18 AM, Blogger lainegal said...

wow...that's very different...

At 4:11 PM, Blogger min said...

yang you wanna play bball ah. but we play on weekdays morning wo. you free? only sometimes might play weekends

Rae and laine, straight hair is temp only lo *sob*. But i rather have it curled. But i want thicker fringe :P

At 10:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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