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Saturday, June 10, 2006

my modem is konked so i cant connect. I hope my laptop internal connection thing didnt get fried. *sob*. sigh.... anyways been one hell of a long couple of weeks. finished 2 papers along the way. And maybe having no connection was a blessing. Thank god to have such a great foresight seeing as to how i was wondering if indeed it was a joke that certain bizarre things tend to happen very near my exams which can be not the best thing. But then again no internet means i can't check my schedule whoch resulted in me panicking the last minute wondering if i hade been studying for the wrong paper. And also not able to access my pass year paper. Which at this point i guess turns out to not matter anyway. So yeah, i think it has been working out pretty fine so far. I hope its going to last, touch on wood. Pretty random this, but i happen to be looking at some site just now and i saw something submitted by a certain vincent though i didnt pay attention to the surname. And somehow i just sorta wonder if it was a certain person i knew till i stop myself short remembering he isnt here anymore. I know its pretty random and it is not as if i was that close to him. But the thing about life is that certain things just sorta nake u pensive just because you didnt expect to be thinking about it and it just happen to unexpectedly pop into your mind.

Ah well enough of rambling. back to studies, though regretfully the world cup has started and i am only able to catch the match properly after 23rd when all the group matched have finished. So i am hoping that either or both of Japan and Korea gets in and also of course Germany no doubt about it, else it be such an anti-climax and it couldn't be that brazil can't get a place could it? They just have to! and definitely England. If i go on like that i probably name all the teams silly me. But i really dunno who i hope would win, not that i think Japan or Korea will make it to the top, just because.


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