searching the extrodinary in something ordinary

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Damn it ! i was suppose to be out clubbing tonight but things are getting more and more tangled with my work. Stress also cannot do, don't stress also cannot do. I took 3+ days to complete a bloody comprehend and summarize exercise. WTF. I am to the extreme of half wishing i were to find out there is something medically wrong with me i.e. something psychologycal or something. Hey wait, stress to the extreme of paranoia is also considered a serious problem right. But who wants to be sick anyways.

Another thing bothering me is WTF is some people so bloody annoying that they don't realize you are not thrilled to chat with them but they still msg u every single fucking time they see you online acting all cutesy. Its really hard to think they just want to be friends even after rejecting them for the umpteenth time and within that period, him having gotten into a relationship and broken up i am not sure how many times. Damn it! is it so hard to be satisfied with just being friends. I am not even sure why i bothered in the first place. I should just ignore him. Sometimes people are stupid that way. They know the answer but they dont seem to do it. I guess i am not exclusive of that either.