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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

when some place that from the very begining screams pretentiousnous starts promoting its place like this :

Many urbanists have already claimed Café Café as their home away from home. An indulgent in luxury, rewarding with comforts of haute decadence, an escape from the harsh industrial and minimalist chic of too many modern restaurants. Here, the ones is to know enjoy privileges of classic dining, without pretentiousness. Classic yet modern, formally relaxed, flamboyantly simple. Café Café is truly a pastiche of styles that some together to enchant. A refreshingly informal place to meet freiends, colleagues, or even a special acquaintance.
You can know very well that they are living in a world of their own.
Read more about what they have to say about their place here. Every single word that is in the description sure screams unpretentious huh.
I stumbled across this place on someone's blog and recently got reminded of it when in conversation with michelle's friend who is also an aquaintence of the blogger. It is not that i am disdained with the place or its poshness really. Coz i actually want to check the place out since it was pretty distinctive decor and i heard they have great tiramisu. But really ! if you are a posh place which goes all out with the decor (I don't think it can even be called a simplistic approach) then don't try to pretend not to be pretentious.


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