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Sunday, September 03, 2006

This is a sorry excuse i keep as a blog. I am back to the period where i don't feel like saying anything again. Yeah life is still moving on, maybe somethings are still happening but no i don't feel like commenting on them. Feels like some druggie getting a fix chasing the dragon or something. Once the euphoria fades its back to the conoldrums. The funny thing is that once i get myself writting and the words flow i feel like a little of that high fix is coming back. But its the getting myself to start part which is hard. Maybe its because at this moment i feel that writting non-technical stuffs is the only thing i am apt to do. There is alot of things which i am in denial of or suspect that i am in denial of. But no i do not feel like sharing. That is the whole idea of being in denial. Someone drop me a line and save me from this weekly countdown of what is left of my yr 2oo6. And this yrly countdown of what is called a life( just got reminded of click the movie where in a blink of an eye you are at your death bed, while when fast forwarding you go about ur life in auto pilot. Yeah i think the fellow that wrote the whole . Maybe i want to live in a state where the date don't matter but only the things that are being done. I still haven't find out what that is yet. Maybe i want to work in an environment where what matters is not what u have achieved but who you have touched. But i am not going to be so pretentious as to say that the glamour and the whole being succesful thing with high flying life don't appeal to me. What don't appeal to me though is being a part of the whole wake up go to an uneventful job with repetative work go home eat and sleep.

I am rambling...... its a repetitive cycle. Nothing's changed yet everything is different.


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