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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ok on another note, yesterday I went for the studio pics shoot which me, Daphanie and Michelle sorta accidentally planned for since, i would say more than a yr ago. Accidentally because at that time me and Daphi were only temaning michelle to check out the bridal fair thingy so she can ask around for package prices for her to take her port folio pictures. They then put up an offer which seemed pretty attractive given if we between us took 3 packages. Well long story short that stupid 1.99 kinda gimmick worked on me, but also because i am vain la. I wanted to take studio pics also what. The package was rm388 btw which seemed closer to 300 for me. Yes I know ! what women wont do for vainity coz 300 also not a small number. And yes i am more of a girl than i would let myself think for a while now. Sigh, but I couldn't imagine i was much closer to getting that digital camera had i not done this. You don't want to know the bill's total ( I am just glad i paid a 100 deposit one yr ago) , just know that i was definitely able to get a pretty decent digicam, talk about jackall and hyde.

So after a year of trying to get my body in shape kinda and finding a time when all of us are free we finally went to FranceTaipei yesterday. And the day started off on a wobbly foot at least for me. Like i say you don't want to know the bill's total as they pushed some xtra stuffs on us. I have heard of it, just didnt expect it to be that prevelent. But i guess somehow it did help. Well the rest of my day turned out pretty well. I was absolutely laughing througout the day and time flew. I even felt like a mini celeb. My stylist was such a sweet lady and from what i saw in the mirror she did a pretty good job styling me. Although maybe I had a slightly different idea in mind. And she pulled all the stops to get me accesorized properly even as i changed my clothes on the same image a number of times. My photographer was totally hilarious. I am glad i got him, me being the first to get done. Either way from what i see the photographers that we each got were pretty much suitable for our personalities i think. Michelle's one in my opinion was suitable for her cause she needed someone which allowed her to do her thing yet give pointers. And he came accross as a cool controlled professional photographer. Not that the rest was not professional.

Mine was super super funny guy made me laugh and we jibbed each other throughout the whole session. For me i guess i needed someone that could put me at ease and could joke around with. He gave great pointers too. The very moment i stepped into the studio with him he already totally made me feel so comfortable. And good thing is he has an assistant which was a sweet girl. She totally took care of how my clothes looked and fall. So i was wondering how Michelle and Daphi got their clothes right. That or my clothes dont fit me well enough :P.

Daphi's photographer I am not too sure of. I barely got to see him in action. Seem to be a quiet guy, and rather slow. But she seemed to be able to do what she wanted to. And he seemed more suitable taking the kinda picture which she wanted. I cannot imagine mine taking pics for her though perhaps Michelle's one might work. I shall ask her about that tomorrow.

All in all the experience was great. At least the people were nice and didnt give us a hard time which does happen even if the price was a bomb. I got to feel like the center of attention for a day even if i had to pay for it :P. Just hope the pictures turn out great although we will only be able to view it 2 weeks from now. The suspense! And crossing off one more thing on the list of things to do while i am still young. Pictures here when i do get it.


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