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Thursday, August 23, 2007

last weekend i finally got myself out of my house to go work. I realized that if not for work i will somehow be stagnated at home and be unproductive and aimless. So its a good thing and an extremely refreshing change to have an aim when you wake up, which is to go to work. And amazingly for that three days i did not once miss my computer one bit. Which frighteningly enough is the case of late. It is just an unknowing addiction that creeps up on me when i let it. And is quite similar to being a tv addict which i once was. I am no longer a tv addict, and i barely turn on the tv or have a long list of must watch shows. Now the only show which i closely follow is the ghost whisperer and perhaps criminal minds which these past weeks i have given up due to certain circumstances.

This might sound like an improvement perhaps but the half truth behind this is my addiction has shifted over to the internet with youtube being able to offer the stuffs that i am able to choose to watch when and as much as i would like. The other half of my addiction on the computer is partly due to trying to get more temp jobs to at least support me for the time being, but which in turn keeps me on doing other stuffs while waiting for more job updates. A vicious cycle i tell you. Its kinda a lose lose situation, and absolutely, sickeningly soul sucking. I need to find some way to get away. Some one hand me another 3 days job maybe. And at least it means i have more money to spend :P and get myself away from the computer. Now that is wat i call a win win situation.


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