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Saturday, August 04, 2007

You know i have always wondered that as i grow older, will i be as crazy about teen idols aka leng chais in drama series. And i can't imagine being 40+ and still drooling over some 20+ guys. As it is now that i am 20+ and some of these guys might only be 17 or 18 with high school girls going ga ga over them. I havent been paying much attention to the boy band scene for a while. I know there was farenheit and dong ban shin ki and i dunno what else. But in my mind this teeny boopers were probably even younger than my brother. Imagine how horrified for a moment i was when i thought i found one of the farenheit members hot. And worst still, thinking it was Wuzun, which maybe one or two of my friend's younger sister that hasnt even taken pmr is having the hots for.

Sweat..... Well turns out its not Wu zun, which i previously thought and still think looks like a pretty boy. But surprisingly he is much older than i thought he was. I was watching Kang Xi Lai Le and they were interviewing farenheit, but the attention was given mostly to this one guy which is why i thought he was wu zun coz they asked him to lift heavy stuffs. Since Wu zun was suppose to be this body builder guy and pretty hot at the moment. I dunno, like i say i havent been keeping up to date. Turns out it was Jiro.

Yeah maybe he also has that pretty boy look. But in Kang Xi he looks so hot with that stripped shirt/ suspenders while lifting ppl. I think he looks best with a suit though. But my pet peeve after going through some of their photos is that. Why why why have to act cute..... sweat. Thats why i think they are way younger when they are not. Oh well.

p.s. : i just realized the one thing that i find so attractive about him. His lips. Guess i am a lips
person. Not a butt person but a lips person.

OK now i am feeling depressed that i can't go to taiwan sob sob. Sigh..... I wanna go taiwan. Not to meet him but just i want to go taiwan !!!


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