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Monday, July 30, 2007

Sigh, yes i am suppose to be super free and bumming around since two wednesdays ago. Gosh its seems like forever. But I haven't been updating my blog. Bad min! Unlike cindy who is so very the semangat to update her post. Anyways I have been bumming waiting for this one job which i am dying to get. But i guess my run of luck has perhaps died down some what coz now i am jobless and hanging. Pretty disappointing, but somehow i think me and freelance jobs dont quite gel. Everytime it seems like i am getting one in the end it tak jadi. sob sob. Looks like i can forget about any overseas trip completely till i get a permanent job. Somewhat disappointed. Hmm and maybe this means i should get back to Uni to write that darn paper. Might do me some good. Well at least now that i thought of it, I feel like i have more purpose. That and i can feel as if i am studying in new uni at least for that little while. I am a strong believer in "when one door closes, another one opens". And after that i guess its time to get serious in my permanent job hunt. The 2 weeks of bumming has entirely quench my bumming thirst and i am so totally game to jump into the working world seeing as to me not able to find the cash to fund my fun. Only problem, i am still not certain what role i would like to take on. But slightly regretful that i might not get to see a different working world altogether as it is.

Darn, my plans entirely ran off rail as it is now. That is probably the reason why i barely like to plan. So many things i just can't control. As it is now, i am just letting stuffs take its course and i will just catch whatever opportunity comes my way. But seriously i would like to know how it feels to plan and have the plans follow through perhaps at least once.


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