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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hola :P i nv blog so long till laine left a message when i finally posted last last week or so ha ha ha. Yeah i am back. I think i went for a sabbatical from existence. Can't believe its been 2 mths almost 3 mths since i officially graduated and close to 5 mths since i left uni. Time flies time flies. I really dunno what i did with all this time eh. I was suppose to post about my graduation but then i got lazy/busy ? ha ha ha. Soon soon. I still have it fresh in my memory and the pictures are still here minus the one from wei sern's cam :P. Well when i graduated i posted that i closed a chapter of my life and am waiting for the next chapter to begin. So it is apt to announce here that I am opening next chapter begining dec 3. I hope if i haven't get to any of you before u read this or if i forgot to update anyone, that u guys dont kill me. But its not official till i sign the papers on friday. I am employed. And now like everyone else i need to wake up real early to get my butt to kl. More about this when its official. Lets hope everything goes smoothly


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